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Concert Club V Széria Hangfal

  • 12" mélynyomó
  • 2" titanium magassugárzó
  • 60Hz-16kHz
  • 400/800w

The Acclaimed Concert Club Series Advances to Mark V

The fifth generation of the best-selling Concert Club series, with more models and higher power capacity.

  • Flying versions of C112V
  • A variety of mounting brackets available
  • 12 integral fly points
  • Terminal strip for easy wiring
  • 3/8" Eye bolts included
  • Ready to hang

Developed and manufactured in the United States, the Concert Club series speakers have earned acclaim around the world. The new Mark V series represents a complete redesign of the previous Concert Club IV lineup, introducing three front-of-house models, three subwoofers, and three monitor models. While maintaining the superb portability and ease of placement that characterized previous generations, as well as the same design concept and stunning sound, the Mark V series represents a new level of performance overall. 

Club V loudspeakers with the C prefix are finished with a heavy-duty elastomer spray coating. Designed as an installation alternative to the carpeted S versions, they are an excellent match for any décor. The finish is very tough, and can be repainted to match any interior. The steel grilles are foam-lined with acoustically transparent material to provide a more unobtrusive appearance.

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