Gyártó: YAMAHA

Elérhetőség: rendelésre


Alain Trudel Signature Harsona Fúvóka

Alain Trudel / Trombone - Soloist Extraordinaire

  • Szegély belső átmérő: 25.23mm
  • Szegény contour: fél kerek
  • Szegély vastagság: fél vastag
  • Csésze méret: mély
  • Nyak: 7.15mm
  • Backbore: szűk

The Trudel mouthpiece offers players a big warm sound, and a rim and cup size well suited for orchestral as well as solo use. Its deep cup and special rim contour give the sound and feeling of a much bigger mouthpiece, while maintaining the secure, well-centered high range usually possible only with a smaller mouthpiece. It feels wide for comfort, but it's not a chop buster. Also, the rim is fairly thick, which also helps endurance. Inside, the deep cup is U-shaped but has a V-shape going into the throat. This design makes for a smooth, dark tone that blows free and has great overtones. The backbore is shorter than a standard mouthpiece for very good response in ALL registers. It's deep enough to modulate sound and color of sound, while always keeping the sound centered.

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