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Elektromos Dob Single Pad

A 3-Zone (open and closed rimshot capable) 8-inch DTX-PAD for snare and tom.
After making acoustic drums for more than 40 years and acquiring deep and highly detailed knowledge of drums in the process, Yamaha has developed the DTX-PAD, an 8-inch electronic snare and tom drum pad with a transcendent feel. The drum head is made of TCS (textured cellular silicone). When we were developing this pad, we had it evaluated repeatedly by the world's top drummers. The detailed sense of perfection of these drummers is reflected in this drum pad. As a result, this drum pad performs superbly, like an acoustic drum, and it feels so supremely good that professional drummers brim with pleasure when they first start playing it.
At the same time, it is fantastically quiet. Its excellent feel and quietness make it ideal for home use.

The pad is divided into 3 zones and supports open rimshots and closed rimshots.
In addition, you can assign different voices to different zones. This makes highly original performances possible. For example, you can create an acoustic drum sound when you hit the head area, a cowbell sound when you hit the open rim area, and a loop sound when you hit the closed rim area.

Méret Szélesség dia. 260 mm (8")
Magasság 77 mm
1.6 kg
Zóna 3 (Head/Open Rim/Closed Rim)
PAD surface TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) Head
Elérhető hozzá Pergő és Tam Pad
Tam mount hole Yes
Pad Controller No
Csatlakozások Standard stereo phone kimenet jack x1
Package Contents XP80 main unit x 1, Clamp bolt x 1, Stereo phone cable x 1



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