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Elérhetőség: fogyóban


Douglas Yeo Basszus Harsona Fúvóka

Douglas Yeo / Bass Trombone - Bass Trombone of the Boston Symphony

  • Szegély belső átmérő: 28.72 mm
  • Szegény contour: fél lapos
  • Szegély vastagság: fél vékony
  • Csésze méret: fél mély
  • Nyak: 8.00 mm
  • Backbore: fél szűk

The Yeo mouthpiece features a large symphonic size cup for a big rich sound. It is characterized by a full, centered tone with a focused core and a brilliant, well-defined overtone series. It combines the best aspects of large, symphonic style mouthpieces with an ideal amount of outer mass and a carefully designed backbore and throat for improved high range and dynamic flexibility. It is characterized by an even response in all registers and dynamics. As Doug explains: "This mouthpiece is designed for the player who wants a big sound as well as flexibility. While I do most of my work on the bass trombone as a member of the Boston Pops Orchestra, I also enjoy giving recitals, playing in church, and doing jazz and commercial work. The mouthpiece works well in all of those situations. I insisted on a centered, solid sound that would sound good at 5, 50 and 500 feet. And it goes without saying that I wanted a mouthpiece that would play evenly and in tune in all registers. When I say I play this mouthpiece all the time in the Boston Symphony, I mean it-I use nothing else. Whether it be Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Schumann or Berg, this mouthpiece simply works. I'm confident that if anyone tries this new mouthpiece, it will be the last one they buy."

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